Date of release: 2009-12-07

Changes on the Java side

  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect unwrapping of sequences to Java arrays (See bug report)

  • Fixed a bug that caused rounding of float and double values (See bug report)

  • Created a new freemarker.runtime.attempt category and exceptions caught in <#attempt> blocks are logged into it at a DEBUG severity.

  • Fixing the (ages old) problem of RhinoWrapper not working with all versions of Rhino because of binary incompatible change of Rhino's Undefined.instance.

  • Fixed bug where TextUtil.XMLEncNQG didn't escape ]]> as ]]&gt;.

  • Fixed bug where the root directory couldn't be used as the template base directory, as FileTemplateLoader believed that the template is outside the base directory.

  • Macro names can no longer be changed through the API.

  • FreemarkerServlet now cooperates with Session Fixation Attack Protection in Spring Security, see forum discussion for details.

  • Substantially improved performance of the <#return> directive.

Changes on the FTL side

  • Fixed bug where anXMLNode.@@markup and @@nested_markup didn't escape ]]> as ]]&gt;.